You would like to play Ping Pong (table tennis) ? Then come to the office and borrow the rackets and a ball. Of course you can also use your own.
Just ask us – we are happy to help you


Fancy a game of volleyball ? Then our volleyball court is at your disposal.


almost on the entire site there are plenty of opportunities for sunbathing. Just find a nice quiet place and enjoy the sun


Sack race – great fun for young and old. Who can get to the finish line the fastest and leave all the others behind?
Try out how fast you are !


You would like to do archery ? Then you are exactly right with us !In the office you can look when dates are for it. We also organize archery competitions during the season.Just ask us – we are happy to help you


Do you want to play different table games ? Then take advantage of our various options.


Fancy a game of bocce / boules ? On our sand track is enough space for a good game. Have fun


If you like to swim, you are welcome to use our lake to swim in it – if you are very small or young, it would be good if a parent accompanies you.