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Nature camping in Denmark, near Ringkøbing and close to the west coast of Jutland.

There is nothing better than relaxing in the beautiful Danish nature! Here at Vestjysk NaturCamping you can take the whole family on a vacation experience in green surroundings.

We offer stays at good prices for those who want to stay in a tent, sleep in a caravan, travel around Denmark by motorhome or enjoy the nights in one of our newly renovated holiday apartments.

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Jarl Bjørn

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At Vestjysk NaturCamping, it is our mission to serve as the ultimate campground hosts, ensuring your satisfaction and creating a getaway that uniquely memorable. We achieve this mission by providing meticulously maintained facilities, accommodating service, and fun.

Activities 90%
SportGrounds 98%
Sanitary Area 75%
Kiosk & Galley 60%